Strategic leadership

Tailored programs that guide committed CEOs, leaders, and executives of innovative ventures in the technology and scientific sectors from operational challenges to strategic leadership and success under the guidance of seasoned leaders.

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Draw from the wealth of experiences of a global, seasoned CEO and entrepreneur to lead ventures with confidence and insight.

Tailored guidance on business models, stakeholder management, exit strategies, corporate governance and growth tactics.

Embrace leadership strategies that not only drive change but also engrain excellence into the company culture.

Master successful strategies

Scaling a business internationally can be challenging, involving complex challenges in allocating funds, fundraising, dealmaking, team building, and stakeholder negotiations. It's a minefield, especially when navigating it alone or with limited guidance even from the board. Mistakes can be expensive. We've been there many times.

Our entrepreneurial journey has been an incredible teacher. Now, we're eager to share our insights to empower business leaders accelerate on their growth journey.

Master successful and creative strategies for accelerated growth and expansion, business development, fundraising and investor relations through our tailored global scale-up program:

  • Real, actionable insights from experienced entrepreneurs, dealmakers and fundraising leaders.

  • Personalized answers to your specific questions and challenges through dedicated group and private sessions.

  • Customized guidance to achieve your objectives in a way that fits into an already busy schedule.

Whether you're personally facing a challenge or know another leader who could benefit, book a call. Let's have a conversation and explore how we can work together.

Cracking the CEO Code Webinar

What is the main secret to success? John shares 5 challenges and lessons he learned as CEO and successful strategies for you to accelerate your scale-up journey.

Elevate your company's growth?

We believe in the power of tailored strategy, so we're extending an exclusive opportunity: a complementary one-on-one strategy call.

Here's what you'll achieve:

  • clarity on your growth path: understand your current positioning and define your next steps.

  • tailored solutions: personalized strategies that cater to your unique business challenges.

  • innovative ideas: harness industry best practices to drive innovation in your leadership journey.

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strategy session for entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and executives
strategy session for entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and executives

Fundraising Masterclass

How did John raise 200M in his career? Find out how John navigates the funding landscape, raised capital and shares practical insights on termsheets.

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